JT Marine was a boat company in Montreal, Quebec, but their website went dead in 2010 and expired. Now a new JT marine is being created, un-related to the original owner. For the benefit of people who were looking for the old original JT Marine, I don’t know what has happened to it. I haven’t been in Montreal for a few years.

JT Marine dealt with boat rentals for fishing and boating, including a rented trailer, to allow users to take the boat to the lake of their choice. It is actually a nice idea, because you don’t need to purchase and store all that equipment year-after-year, for the occasional fishing trip.

Their boats were Yamaha brand / G3, designed for fishing. They had reliable outboard motors, with low-emission 4-stroke engines. The boats had console, sonar, some electric motors, tanks, anchor and life jackets.

For instance, the Yamaha 18 foot G3 with 50 HP engine had these specifications:

Length 17 ft 5 in
Bau 72 ‘
Bottom Width 56 inches
Height larcasse 20 ‘
Bow / lateral recess 20 ‘
Angle statement veranda 12 °
Dry weight 920 lb
Thickness of the shell .100 (Soldered)
Maximum or rated power (HP) 75 HP
Maximum load 1000 lb
Occupants 4
Capacity dessence 49.2 liters
Color (s) red
Viviers – Dimensions and capacity 10 x 14 x 20 inch, 49.2-liter
12 x 10 inches x 36 inches, 71.9 liters

Unfortunately, the website has a strange profile of incoming links from diverse phrases unrelated to boating. It’s as if the previous owners went on a blog finding spree and posted garbage. It might have ruined the reputation of the site.